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Photo Gallery: Renewable Energy is Beautiful
Concentration on the Sun
Parabolic trough collectors concentrate the sun light on an absorber tube. Temperatures of 400°C are reached there. 
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Solar Chemistry - Parabolic Trough Collector
Two-axis tracked parabolic trough collectors concentrate the sun light for chemical processes. 
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Solar Trough in the South
Parabolic trough collectors are optimal for regions with high sunshine hours. In Spain, North Africa and the USA many new systems are under construction. 
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Sea of Solar Cells
Solar cells can be combined to any desired size. This 5 MW system generates electricity for more than thousand households. 
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Photovoltaic System on a Farm House
Good solar radiation conditions exist in the South of Germany. Big unshaded roofs of farm houses are perfect for the installation of photovoltaic systems. 
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Wind Power Plant at Sunset
Wind power plants fit perfectly in many landscapes. During sunset wind power plants can give picturesque views. 
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Big Solar Thermal System in Denmark
Solar thermal systems could not only provide good services in the sunny South. This shows one example of Denmark. 
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The sunflower is a symbol for green energy. It could also be used for the production of biofuels. 
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Rape field
When rape fields blossom they are a feast for the eyes. Rape is the raw material for biodiesel. 
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Wood Pellets
Wood Pellets are the optimal biofuel for automatic heating systems. Pellets consist of pressed sawdust. 
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All photos © by Volker Quaschning.
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