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Photo Galleries on Renewable Energies and Climate Protection
Renewable Energy is Beautiful
Wind power stations disfigure the landscape and solar systems our roofs? This photo gallery disproves prejudices. Renewable energy is beautiful and enriches our environment. more... 

Renewable Energy in Spain
Following Germany Spain is number two for renewable energies in Europe. With its huge solar radiation, wind and hydro power resources Spain offers still a large potential for new systems. more... 

Plataforma Solar de Almería, Spanien
In the South of Spain there is the European test centre for concentration solar technologies. Different technologies for concentrating solar power are tested here. more... 

Solar and Wind Measurements
How much solar radiation can be expected at a site for a solar system and how much wind for a wind park? The correct measurement of solar irradiance and wind speed are important requirements for the successful operation of renewable energy systems. more... 

All photos © by Volker Quaschning.
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