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Photo Gallery: Solar and Wind Measurements
The sun heats up a black absorber plate under the glas dome of the pyranometer. The temperature difference to the ambient is proportional to the global irradiance. 
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Pyranometer with Shadowband
If a pyranometer is shaded with a shadowband, it measures the diffuse irradiance. The shadowband has to be adjusted to the sun orbit every few days. 
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Rotating Shadowband Pyranometer
At a RSP a shadowband rotates continuously around the sensor. A silicon sensor is used, that is faster but less precise than a thermal sensor. 
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A pyrheliometer measures the direct irradiance coming from the sun direction. It follows continuously the sun. That makes the measurements complicate and expensive. 
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The sensor is at the end of a long tube. Only direct irradiance reaches the sensor, the tube holds the diffuse irradiance away. 
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Irradiance Measurement Station
At this measurement station three different sensors for the measurement of global, diffuse and direct irradiance are combined. 
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Measurement of Wind Speed and Direction
Measurements of wind speed and wind direction are needed for the wind power. A standard measurement height is 10 m. The sensors are mounted on the top of a tower. 
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An anemometer measures the wind speed. The wind drives a shaft with 3 half-shells. A tachometer or magnetic contacts measures the rotating speed that is proportional to the wind speed. 
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Propeller-type Anemometer
Anemometers can have different structures. In danger of freezing they must be heated. 
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All photos © by Volker Quaschning.
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