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Photo Gallery: Renewable Energy in Spain
Parabolic Trough Collector Eurotrough
The European parabolic trough collector Eurotrough was tested first at the Plataforma Solar de Almería research centre in the south of Spain. 
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Erection of a Parabolic Trough Collector for a Parabolic Trough Power Plant
Since 2008 many commercial parabolic trough power plants have been constructed. Spain was one of the boom countries for concentrated solar thermal power. 
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Mirror Assembly at a Parabolic Trough Collector
Many components such as high-precise mirrors or high-efficient absorber tubes were made in Germany. 
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Solar Thermal System in Spain
Although Spain has the best irradiation conditions in Europe the number of solar thermal systems in relatively low compared to other European countries. In the south simple systems without freezing protection can be installed. 
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Large Solar Thermal System on a Hotel in Spain
Hotels are predestinated for installing solar thermal systems. Besides heat generation they are perfectly suited for solar cooling. 
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Wind Park in Andalusia
For a long time Spain was the second important wind power market in Europe behind Germany. 
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Wind Park in Spain
On mountain ridges there is a good wind potential all over Spain. 
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Hydropower in Spain
Hydro power plants provide about one fifth of the Spanish electricity demand and help to save the water supply. 
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Therefore, many dams have been constructed all over the country. 
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Pumped Storage Power Plant
Pumped storage power plants can be used for stabilising the electricity supply. This photo shows the upper basin of a pumped storage power plant in Andalusia. 
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Olive Growing
Spain is a famous country of olive growing. Olives are stored solar energy. 
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Olive Tree
Bioenergy and biofuels can be made using olive stones and waste of olive oil production. 
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All photos © by Volker Quaschning.
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