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Temperature and sea level rise
Between the last ice age and the year 1750, the world's average temperatures rose just 3.5 C. Between 1750 and 2015 there was another rapid increase of about 1 C. Comparing the historical temperature rise with the rise in the sea level shows the extreme dangers of the current climate change. mehr... 

EEG renewable power targets contradict German climate protection targets
If the renewable power installation in Germany will follow the new EEG target corridors the high remaining fossil power share makes real climate protection nearly impossible. more... 

New Nuclear Power Plant Hinkley C Twice as Expensive as Photovoltaic Plants in Germany
In October 2013 details for the planned nuclear power station Hinkley C in the United Kingdom were announced. The nucelar power electricity will be twice as expensive as large photovoltaic systems in Germany. more... 

Import of fossil energy to Germany has inceased by 400% over the last 15 years
The expenses for net imports of fossil energy sources to Germany have increased by 400% between 1998 und 2013. Today Germany spends more than 90 billion for fossil energy imports. more... 

Collapsing home market: Germany hands over future-oriented photovoltaic technology to China
The German government has reduced the photovoltaic home market between 2012 and 2014 to one third. China counts on the future-oriented photovoltaic technology. more... 

German Government Wants to Keep Constant the Colar Power Generation for the next 15 Years
In December 2013 the German government has formulated goals for the renewable power generation. If Germany follows this pathway the coal power generation will stay constant over the next 15 years. more... 

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