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Data of Sun and Earth

The sun is the center point of our sun system and origin of all life. The sun shines already 5 billion years with its present power. Even the fossil energy sources are stored solar energy. Most of the renewable energy sources also come directly or indirectly from the sun. The sun consists of about 80 % hydrogen, 20 % helium and only 0.1 % other elements. The following table compares the most important data of sun and earth.

Data of Sun and Earth
Diameter1 392 520 km12 756 km
Circumference4 373 097 km40 075 km
Surface6.0874· 1012 km25.101· 108 km2
Volume1.4123· 1018 km31.0833· 1012 km3
Mass1.9891· 1030 kg5.9742· 1024 kg
Mean density1.409 g/cm35.516 g/cm3
Gravity274.0 m/s29.81 m/s2
Surface temperature5 777 K288 K
Centre temperature15 000 000 K6 700 K
Emission / irradiance63 110 000 W/m21 361 W/m2
Distance earth-sun1.5· 108 km

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