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Greenhouse Effect and Climate Change
Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Concentration in Atmosphere
Only 10 countries are responsible for about two thirds of the global carbon dioxide emissions. The global emissions from fuel combustion have more than doubled since 1970 and increased 15 times since beginning of the last century. If this trend continues extreme climate changes are unavoidable. more... 

Renewable Energies in Germany
Renewable Electricity Generation Capacity
In Germany, the installed capacity of renewable power stations has increased significantly during the last years. Since the year 2004 the installed renewable capacity in Germany is higher than the nuclear power capacity. more... 

Data of Sun and Earth
The sun is the center point of our sun system and origin of all life. Even the fossil energy sources are stored solar energy. Most of the renewable energy sources also come directly or indirectly from the sun. The following table compares the most important data of sun and earth. more... 

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